Offered to all of you Mummy and Mummy Returns fans is this highly detailed superbly crafted Bracelet
of Anubis replica. This bracelet was worn by The Scorpion King portrayed by The Rock in the action
movie adventure the Mummy Returns and bestowed upon the wearer the power to control the army of
the god Anubis. It was also worn by Evie's and Jonathon's son Alex who was unable to remove the
bracelet after putting it on, thus beginning the adventure. The Anubis is an Egyptian diety whose figure
is portrayed in pictures and carvings as found in the Great Pyramids and artwork of ancient Egypt.
This stunnng piece is 1:1 scale and is completely wearable via the hinged sides, a center clasp
securely holds them together.

This bracelet is 6.25" front to back, 9.5" across while in the open position as pictured above.