This 8.5" tall prop replica of Bubo the
mechanical owl from Clash of the
Titans is cast solid in resin and
features a gold and silver leafed
finish. The pupils are faux red rubies
with gloss white outer eyes, just like
the real prop!

This Golden Idol prop replica from
Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark is
cast solid in resin and then professionally
plated. The finish is then dull coated,
buffed and lightly antiqued to bring out
the details. This Gold Idol prop replica
stands 8.5" tall and weighs 4 lbs. Click
on the picture for all of our idol replicas.

This is a 1:1 prop replica of the Key to
Hamunaptra from The Mummy. This
key fits the book replicas perfectly. This
piece is finished with a ground metal
based paint which is then blackened
for age. The inside is hollow to house
your secret map!

This is a 1:1 Book of the Dead prop
replica from The Mummy and Mummy
Returns. This replica is a professionally
roto-cast resin piece weighing 10lbs.
This is a static piece with no moving
parts. The finish is superb with rotting
mummy dust in the corners and realistic
engravings throughout.

This is a 1:1 gold book of Amun-ra
prop replica from The Mummy and
Mummy Returns. This book features
an eye of Ra key insert and a striking
ankh cartouche, a beautiful golden
finish makes this piece a wonderful
addition to the Book of the Dead.

These Ark Cherub prop replicas
from Raiders of the Lost Ark are
1:1 and cast from the originals.
The casts pictured are finished
with a gold leaf powder.

Click on the pictures for a larger view

This is a stunning replica of the
Haunted Mansion Gate Plaque. This
is a solid resin piece weighing 6lbs,
the dimensions are 24"H x 14"W.
The finish is a real bronze paint with
chemical patina.

This 1:1 scale prop replica of the
Bracelet of Anubis from The Mummy
Returns is absolutely breathtaking, fully
wearable, hinged sides with a center
clasp. This piece is solid resin with a
special antiqued gold finish. Click on
the picture for more views!

This is a hardcoated foam replica of the
Chachapoyan temple pedestal from
Raiders of the Lost Ark. It stands 36" tall,
the 3 levels of carvings are all screen
accurate and strikingly detailed. The
finish resembles moldy stone with moss
invading the crevaces. The perfect way
to display your Idol replica!

These fully wearable combat masks from
the Mummy Returns are completely hand
painted and distressed and feature
raised details. The gold hair is hand
braided and finished with decorative
bead ends. Click the photo for close ups
of these masks.

This is a replica of the hook from the
2003 film Peter Pan starring Jason
Isaacs as Captain Hook. This replica
features a hand forged steel hook, a
real rosewood veneered tube and gold
leafed accents. The rivetted brass
band on the bottom secures the
leather lined interior. Click on the
picture for more views

This stunning piece is cast directly from
a screen used piece. This standard
can be seen in the opening scenes of
The Mummy Returns. It measures an
impressive 24" x 24" and is finished in
a striking gold powder technique.

( these items are not for sale)