There were nine Nazgul, sometimes called Ringwraiths or Blackriders. They were once kings but fell to the power of the One Ring.
This replica Ringwraith costume consists of a 3 layer hand stitched multiple fabric robe or cloak showing wear, dirt and distress
throughout. The hidden face cloak is removable via velcro and permits ample vision outward but hides all facial elements. This
costume also features a spectacular pair of hand forged mild steel fully articulated gauntlets.

This costume is a tribute to the wonderous works of J.R.R Tolkien, Peter Jackson and the creative minds at WETA Workshop.
Thank You for opening up this world to us all !

The nazgul with his prey...

Below you will find our newest Lord of the Rings venture. These are vacuum formed
duplicates of our steel Nazgul gauntlets, pulled directly from our originals! The
material used is Kydex which is aircraft grade plastic, very strong! These gauntlets
are FULLY articulated even down to the individual finger lames. We form the
textured side of the plastic which brings out the pitted look of the Nazgul armor. You
will find yourself truly amazed at how much these look like steel Ringwraith gauntlets.

These steel Ringwraith or Nazgul gauntlets are hand crafted from our original
templates. Every plate is hand cut and formed using forming stakes and hammers.
Roundhead steel rivets are used for the articulated joints. This nazgul armor is
blackened with pitted metal showing through. The thumb hinge is custom made
and and follows the gothic styling. The inner leather glove is deerskin.

Our steel versions