This is the Stelter Creative Rotational Casting Machine. This machine like our vacuum forming machines
are original design, in house builds. We offer 2 stock models: 2'x2' and 3'x3'. We also can accomodate
custom sizing. The rotocaster pictured above has a 3'x3' inner mold frame with a diagonal measurement
of about 45". The mold frame has adjustable support bars so you can mount any shape mold easily or
multiple molds at the same time. Mold mounting is simple using C-clamps right to the support bars, we
recommend adding wood rails to your mold shells or boxes for ease of clamping. The motor is a 110v
1/2 hp, 850 in/lbs. torque workhorse. The rotation speed is controlled via a solid state DC motor
controller, a micro adjustable dial is present on the control panel, speeds range from 1-36 rpm. This roto
casting machine is all steel tube and channel construction welded professionally and painted with
Mathews MAP paint. All parts are precision made and of the highest quality. Custom warning labels are
present for safety. A chain and gear guard are available for OSHA compliance. If you are looking a for a
no frills workhorse than you found it. We use this rotocaster daily for our hollow casting needs, it is quiet,
efficient and very easy to use. It's also 100% proudly made in the USA by artists for artists!

Machine Pricing -
2'x2' is $3300
3'x3' is $5100
4'x4' is $6750