This is the Stelter Creative vacuum forming machine version 2. These vacuum formers are 100% built in the USA in our Orlando Florida faciliy. These machines are designed and built by artists for artists! As well as the 2x2 thermoformer pictured above we also offer a 2'x4' and a 4'x4' model. The 2x2 machine above features a 24" square CNC cut aluminum table with a perfectly aligned aluminum holding frame. The plastic is held in the frame with adjustable toggle clamps and a self adjusting rear hinge that clamp the top and bottom frame tightly together. The frame slides up and down via pneumatic cylinders on 2 aluminum columns. The pneumatic control is by a joystick on the control panel. This units vacuum draw is supplied from a 5 cfm JB brand platinum series vacuum pump and a 13 gallon ASME certified tank. The draw is variable via the ball valve on the control panel, very handy when working with multiple masters or masters prone to webbing. Custom options are available. Please see the video link above to see some vacuum forming in action.

The 2x2 machines start at $5950
The 2x4 machines start at $7900
The 4x4 machines start at $11,900

The custom engraved control panel features the main control toggles with indicator
lights. The temperature is variable via the heater output dial. The joystick controls the
up and down motion of the holding frame and is speed controlled by the exhaust
ports. The vacuum gauge shows the level of vacuum present in the surge tank. The
red arrow controls the variable vacuum draw. You can also choose the font on the
panel ...notice ours has the original series Star Trek font...we're such geeks! This
custom panel is a feature that sets our vacuum forming machine aside from others.

We can easily form over your existing masters or we can fabricate original forms for you.
These pulls were formed over a plywood master. The plastic used is 1/8" black Kydex.
Using our machine we can pull up to a 10" draw using up to 3/16" plastic. Along with
Kydex we thermoform styrene, HIPS, ABS, acrylic, PETG and sintra.

This is an example of a vacuum formed treasure prop. This particular piece has a
deep draw of 7" with many unusual shapes yet it demolded with ease every pull, this
was achieved in the sculpting stage, no undercuts were sculpted in yet the appearance
still reflects full dimension.

The heat is provided by (12) 750w ceramic heating elements.
These elements are connected to a laser cut stainless steel reflector
housing. The built in variable heater control allows the user the
ability to heat a variety of plastics while vacuum forming at different
temperatures and speeds, it doesn't get any better than this.

This pictures shows an ultracal vacuum form master and a pull (opposite side shown).

This is a 4x4 version vacuum former we custom built for a client in the SPFX business.

The vacuum pump and 13 gallon surge tank
control the vacuum forming machine draw.

The holding frame slides effortlessly on two aluminum columns.
Everything on this vacuum former is adjustable via set screws and
adjustment bolts.

One of the benefits of vacuum forming is that you can pull as
many copies as you can fit on the table, in this case 24 were
made in one pull.

A very recognizable prop... the sign from Ghostbusters. We
sucsessfully pulled this sign panel in 3/16" white acrylic so it
can be lit from behind.